How Standardizing Business AV Increases Productivity and Bottom Line

Standardization Benefits

Businesses should demand continued performance from AV equipment. Having such demands will enable employees to become more productive by having standardized AV systems across the office. That will play into bottom line increases at the end of the quarter due to the increased performance and streamlined AV systems. We have also seen many clients trim a huge amount of overhead by standardizing their conference rooms. Having the same system no matter what room you’re in, and having the ability to combine and separate rooms has been the favorite features of our clients.

In a little more detail, standardizing your business AV setup helps with…

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Cutting Down Lost Productive Time

The greater the difference between the AV systems across an office, the more training that’s required for staff to get a handle on using all of them. And that cuts into time employees could have otherwise used productively. With unified conference room solutions, training is only needed once.

One system is easy to learn. Employees won’t forget how to operate it or get confused. That’s not the case with multiple systems, and yet more supposed-to-be productive time will be spent tinkering with the equipment and software.

This is a common problem: 52% of employees experience problems with AV software, according to a Wainhouse Research study.

Standardization is an effective solution. And it also means they can more easily find solutions when they’re struggling to use the system.

With a single conference standardization, employees can fix their own issues, since everyone has a grasp of how the system works. That eliminates the need to call IT staff for trivial problems, meaning their time is better spent on more critical tasks that have greater significance to business objectives.

More Collaboration Among Staff

A study showed that 60% of respondents said they’d use AV systems to collaborate if they were available.

That shows that while employees may want to exchange ideas, lack of technological resources gets in the way. And it’s no different with systems that employees simply aren’t comfortable with.

Standardization of AV systems changes that. Because the systems become accessible to all staff, they are encouraged to collaborate more. This has a direct bottom line impact since solutions can be reached faster through increased brainstorming.

It also means employees can pick whichever meeting room is available, instead of waiting for one that has the system they’re most comfortable with. The Wall Street Journal reports that 40% of employees waste time looking for a meeting room.

Reduced Upgrade Costs

Having different AV systems in an office makes it difficult to perform an audio-visual system upgrade when it comes time for one. Each system may have its own installation and upgrade specifications, resulting in a needlessly complex process. And since they’ll need various manufacturer-supplied parts, sourcing will also be a bigger issue than it ought to be.

With unified conference room solutions, upgrades are much simpler. Since all the systems are the same, it’s easy to perform checks and updates on all of them at once.

Periodic refreshing is also possible across the board, and it saves money in the form of avoided breakdowns and repairs.

Need Help Standardizing Your Business AV?

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Standardizing your AV systems so that all displays operate the same is an area of productivity boosting and cost reduction all businesses can benefit from, whatever their size. The regained productive time, increased collaboration, and low upgrade costs have a clear and positive bottom line impact. At Crunchy Tech, we are experts in navigating all your custom AV needs, will work with your budget, and help you standardize your business AV. Just fill out our contact form below to get started.

In a little more detail, standardizing your business AV setup helps with…