How Touch Screens Improve Board Room Efficiency

A Conference Room with Touch Screens

With the right tools, employees gain the resources to improve productivity, foster collaboration and increase communications. Interactive touch screens are the perfect instruments for multitasking, sharing ideas, and increasing efficiency in the office.

A man giving a presentation to his co-workers on a touch screen monitor

Enhance Presentations

Crunchy’s interactive touch screens allow you to connect your phone or tablet directly to your screen, giving you the ability to control your presentation directly from your device. Touch screens make presentations more interactive by allowing your audience to take control, navigate the presentation, and make changes in real time. Adding touch screens to your board room is a great way to make meetings more interactive and keep your audience engaged.

A team collaborates using a giant touch screen monitor

Increase Office Efficiency

With immediate and easy access to all of the apps and software that makes your business function, meetings become more productive. Work on group projects while making changes and updates in real time on your tablet or laptop. Teamwork becomes more fun and more effective with touch screens.

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Foster Team Collaboration

Employees are constantly collaborating through email, instant messages, and other communication tools throughout the day. Touch screens bring all of these forms of communication into one display, giving employees an easy and fun way to collaborate on projects; whether editing a RFP or building a floor plan, team members can easily make important changes together and easily save and share project improvements. Draw, scribble and easily share meeting notes to everyone in the office.

Make Real-Time Changes

Crunchy’s touch screens allow you to connect your phone or tablet directly to the touch screen using Airplay, giving you the ability to make real time changes to any document, presentation, or spreadsheet during the board room meeting. Making revisions during the meeting leaves more time for other tasks later, and wastes less paper on notes and revisions.

Board Room Touch Screen

Impress Important Clients

Client and potential clients think highly of companies investing in cutting edge technology. Touch screens allow potential customers to interact with your company’s software or apps without taking away from the meeting; no distracting phones are required. With access to the Internet, it’s easy to showcase information, videos, websites, and other content for a more seamless presentation.

Having a meeting in front of a large touch screen display.

Showcase Complex Projects

Touch screens give you the ability to simply showcase complex ideas and diagrams. Rather than having to print exorbitant amounts of diagrams, project details, charts, and graphs, our touch screens allow you to work directly from the software or application in order to give a more holistic project description, zoom in on important details, and save on printing expenses for meetings.

Streamline your video conferencing with Touch Screens from Crunchy Tech

Streamline Video Conferences

Crunchy touch screens allow you to invest in video conferencing without all the hassle and extra costs of a normal video conference system. Because our touch screens run standard operating systems: iOS, OSX, Windows and Android, there is no need to invest in extra technology to integrate a video conference onto your display. Our touch screens support all different types of video conferencing software, allowing your business to utilize tools that you have already paid for and your clients are familiar with using.

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