The growing digital signage industry and its effects on advertising.

The growing digital signage industry and its effects on advertising.

Discussion revolving around the growing digital signage market has become a hot topic, particularly in the tech industry. Digital signage has become a buzz word, along with “DOOH” (Digital-Out-of-Home) and “interactive media.” And for good reason: the $14 billion dollar digital signage market is projected to grow nearly 21% in 5 years, according to IHS iSuppli. The hardware for digital signage is also rapidly becoming more affordable for businesses, which is going to heavily influence the amount of dollars spent on high-tech signage.

In this futuristic world of massive amounts of digital screens, we start to wonder where the consumer comes in. “Digital signage” and “interactive media,” while often used together, are actually quite different entities altogether. Today, people are accustomed to staring at screens, especially their television. Even the most colorful, eye-catching and dazzling digital display will eventually lose its “wow” factor on the consumer. Simply having a digital sign is no longer enough to impress passing audiences.

The future of digital signage is not in bigger and flashier signs – it is in better content and interaction with consumers. In a recent Biz Bash post, the senior VP for creative at Sparks and Exhibits and Environments says, “Millennials and other target audiences want to be heard… They don’t want to be spoken at; they want to be part of the conversation. Providing opportunities to listen and to allow for contribution to the larger conversations about products and services is key to creating advocacy within the audience.” 2014 DIGI Award winners agree that giving your customers unique ways to join your brand’s conversation is the next step in digital signage advertising.

Before you decide to invest your hard earned money in digital signage, be sure to carefully think about your marketing goals. Make sure you answer these three key questions:

1. What are you doing to stand out from the crowd?

2. What impression will your signage have on your audience?

3. What are you doing to entice your audience to share, follow or keep in touch with your brand?

In today’s digital signage world, it is vital that your digital signage is unique, memorable, and that you engage your core audience in order to continue the conversation.

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