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In the world of themed entertainment, entertainment venues and themed experiences are more than mere spaces for leisure; they emerge as dynamic arenas where the thrill of technology meets the joy of entertainment to craft memorable experiences. At the heart of this thrilling junction, Crunchy Tech leads with pioneering Audio Visual solutions. Our mission is to revolutionize spaces like arcades, golf centers, bowling alleys, sports bars, and immersive venues, transforming them into state-of-the-art entertainment destinations.

Our dedication is to provide immersive, superior-quality AV experiences that not only engage and captivate your audience but also transform your venue into a premier destination. With Crunchy Tech, we invite you to go beyond the ordinary and step into a realm of extraordinary, where each visit is transformed into a lasting memory for your guests.

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Custom AV Design & Build: Tailored for Unforgettable Experiences

At the core of Crunchy Tech’s portfolio is our premier Custom AV Design & Build service. Our process marries artistic innovation with technical prowess, delivering unmatched experiences in entertainment spaces and themed experiences. Our methodology initiates with a thorough evaluation of your venue, coupled with a comprehensive grasp of your objectives.

New Builds and Expansion

At Crunchy Tech, we specialize in seamlessly integrating AV systems into your entertainment venues during the construction process and throughout technology planning phases.

In audio visual integration, construction and technology planning is crucial for several reasons. First, it allows for a cohesive design that not only supports but enhances the thematic elements of the venue, ensuring an immersive experience for guests. Secondly, considering your AV needs early on, we avoid the common pitfalls of retrofitting, which can be both disruptive and costly. Lastly, seamless integration supports total AV control, enabling venue staff to manage the systems effectively, ensuring a smooth, uninterrupted entertainment experience.

Whether you’re building a new site or upgrading existing ones, we ensure brand consistency. Our team meticulously evaluates, designs, and builds AV solutions that enhances guest experiences, aligning perfectly with your vision. Opting for Crunchy Tech means choosing robust, superior AV solutions that are straightforward to integrate and future-proof, thereby significantly elevating your venue’s value.

We offer multiple advantages.

Choosing Crunchy Tech’s custom solutions offers multiple advantages. You gain an AV system carefully tailored to your specific requirements and the distinct features of your venue. Furthermore, our commitment to excellence and quality ensures that the outcome is more than merely functional; it becomes a stunning exemplar of immersive audio, vivid visuals, and flawless integration, enhancing the guest experience and rendering each visit memorable. Opting for Crunchy Tech transforms your space into a pinnacle of contemporary entertainment, redefining industry benchmarks.

Elevate Your Sound: Commercial Sound Systems

Sound is an integral component of any entertainment venue, laying the foundation for a truly immersive experience. A high-quality commercial sound system can invigorate a space, infusing it with energy and emotion that captivates guests and leaves them with lasting impressions. It’s not merely about the volume but the clarity, consistency, and the way sound envelop the audience, making them feel a part of the narrative or activity presented. This auditory engagement is crucial for themed entertainment venues where the goal is to transport guests to another realm or narrative.

We focus on your customers experience.

Crunchy Tech understands the pivotal role sound plays in defining customer experiences. Our approach to commercial sound systems is comprehensive, beginning with an in-depth consultation to understand your venue’s unique needs and thematic goals. Our team of experts then designs a complex sound system, integrating cutting-edge technology and acoustical engineering to cultivate the perfect auditory environment. From crisp, clear dialogue in a narrative-driven attraction to heart-pumping bass beats in a live sports bar scenario, we ensure the sound is flawlessly tailored to enhance your theme and ambiance.

We install and support.

Installation by Crunchy Tech is executed with precision and attention to detail, ensuring that from the moment your guests step into your venue, they are enveloped in a sound environment that is both enchanting and enveloping. Our commitment is to create unparalleled sound landscapes that propel your themed entertainment project into a league of its own, making every visit unforgettable.

Visual Impact with Video Walls

In a world where visual stimuli govern many of our experiences, the use of video walls in entertainment venues serves as a game-changer, enhancing the ambiance and enriching the customer experience. These large-scale, high-resolution displays have the power to captivate audiences, immerse them in vivid storytelling, and transport them to completely new worlds. Whether it’s creating an expansive backdrop for a concert, displaying panoramic views in a sports bar, or adding depth to thematic elements in immersive spaces, video walls significantly elevate the visual component of entertainment.

We help you find and install the best video walls.

Crunchy Tech is at the forefront of integrating this transformative technology into various entertainment venues. We understand that a one-size-fits-all approach does not apply to the dynamic needs of themed entertainment. Therefore, our process begins with a comprehensive consultation to ascertain your venue’s specific aspirations and challenges. Following this, Crunchy Tech’s team of visionary designers and adept engineers engage in crafting a custom video wall solution that is not only technologically advanced but also cohesively aligned with the overall theme and design of the venue.

Seamless Control: Advanced AV Control Systems

In the dynamic environment of entertainment centers, the ability to seamlessly control every aspect of audiovisual (AV) technology is not merely a convenience—it’s a necessity. An advanced AV control system stands at the heart of this necessity, offering a unified interface that orchestrates lighting, sound, and visuals with unparalleled precision. The benefit of employing a singular source of control extends beyond mere aesthetics; it empowers employees to tailor the ambience and atmosphere according to the needs of the moment, vastly enhancing the customer experience. Furthermore, having centralized control helps in maintaining the optimal function of equipment, extending its lifespan by preventing misuse and facilitating timely adjustments.

We implement employee friendly control systems.

Crunchy Tech specializes in the implementation of these sophisticated control systems, adeptly integrating them within the unique fabric of your entertainment venue. Our service goes beyond installation; we ensure that your team is fully trained, capable of harnessing the full potential of the system to craft memorable experiences for your guests. Additionally, Crunchy Tech’s commitment to your success includes ongoing support, ensuring that your AV control system continues to operate flawlessly, thus maintaining the captivating, immersive environment your venue is known for. With Crunchy Tech, the seamless control of lighting, visuals, and sound is not just an expectation—it’s a reality, elevating the standard of entertainment and engagement for your business.

Unreal Bowling

Revolutionizing the Bowling Experience

Bowling has traditionally been a beloved pastime, offering simple yet engaging entertainment for individuals of all ages. However, Crunchy Tech has taken this classic activity to the next level with Unreal Bowling, a groundbreaking enhancement that redefines the bowling experience by integrating cutting-edge technology and stunning visual effects. Unreal Bowling transforms the alley into a dynamic canvas, where each ball thrown interacts with vivid animations projected directly onto the lane. This innovative concept not only adds a layer of excitement and competition but also makes the game more accessible and enjoyable for a wider audience, including those who may not typically partake in bowling.

Why Crunchy Tech is the Premier Choice for Your Entertainment Space

Crunchy Tech sets itself apart in the realm of Audio-Visual solutions through a perfect trifecta: unparalleled expertise, bespoke customization, and an unwavering focus on client satisfaction. Our team brings together years of experience in the AV industry, ensuring that every solution we offer is not only cutting-edge but also flawlessly integrated to match the unique vibe of your entertainment venue. We understand that no two spaces are the same, which is why Crunchy Tech prides itself on offering highly customizable options tailored to each client’s specific desires and objectives. This commitment to personalization is matched only by our dedication to client satisfaction. From initial concept to final installation, we work closely with our clients, keeping them informed and involved every step of the way. With Crunchy Tech, you’re not just getting an AV provider; you’re gaining a partner dedicated to transforming your space into an immersive, engaging, and unforgettable experience.

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