Most Innovative Uses For Large Touch Screens

Users interact with an extra wide touch screen video wall

Large interactive displays are becoming useful for businesses in many different industries, from fast food stores to subway stations and car dealerships. As the touch screen market grows, the Crunchy team has noticed some very innovative ways that touch screens are being utilized to connect customers to companies.

GIZMODO – NYC Transit Touch Screens from Gizmodo on Vimeo.

1. Museum Exhibits

Museums have massive amounts of information for visitors with limited space to display all their material. Digital signage displays are extremely useful for museums to add informational depth to exhibits. Last January the Cleveland Museum of Art installed a 40 foot-wide touch screen in their Gallery One. The museum also created an app that allows visitors to customize their museum tours, scan and save their favorite art pieces, and share their interpretations with friends via social media.

2. Guest Entertainment

Hard Rock International’s use of the Rockwall© is a great example of giant touch screens used wholly for guest entertainment. Not only are guests interacting with the Hard Rock brand, but learning about history and music at the same time!

3. Trade Show Demos

Huge touch screens are a must have for any trade show booth. In today’s world, every company and brand has a website, and the leading brands have mobile apps and other digital materials to interact with customers. Showing off these assets at trade shows and conferences is a must.

4. Classroom Whiteboards

The millennial generation is already accustomed to using touch screens in their everyday life; learning games and apps have exploded in the app store. Bringing touch screens to the classroom is a natural progression of the current learning environment.

5. Arcade Games

Apps from the Apple and Google app store made great touch screen arcade games because guests already know how the play the games, just on a smaller screen. You can see these apps, like Infinity Blade and Fruit Ninja, at many of the big video arcades – including Dave & Busters and Jillian’s.


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