Virginia Beach Delta Full Distributed Hotel AV


A hotel client of ours was upgrading their entire building to be branded a Marriott.

This name holds high standards in everything that they do including their Audio Video capabilities.

Needing a top-of-the-line AV system that worked for all of their common areas was key in achieving approval status with Marriott and seemed like a big challenge for the client until we stepped in.


This extensive design included a distributed audio system through a QSC Core 510i and a distributed video system through a Crestron Digital Media Switcher that spanned the entire first floor, of the hotel.

This was achieved by installing over 100 speakers in 23 unique zones allowing 4 channels of background music, 12 channels of Shure wireless microphone audio and 6 AtteroTech remote input plates sources to be heard across all 23 zones or any combination within.

The centralized system included 8 private conference rooms, each with their own in room AV capabilities. The centralized system also included 4 separate banquet halls that could be combined into one large space or be ran independent of each other allowing the maximum ROI on rented event space.


Equipment used in the installation included:

QSC Q-SYS Core 510i: This was used to handle all audio routing for audio signal paths.

Crestron Digital Media Switcher: Crestron is usually our go-to for easy to use and reliable switching.

Shure Wireless Microphone System: Installed to have 12 channels of wireless microphone audio.

AtteroTech Remote Input Plates: These were used to enable all sources to be heard across all 23 zones or to create whatever configuration the end-user desired.

Crestron Remote HDMI Input Plates: These were used to matrix full HD video to any combination of the large format HD projector in the banquet halls.

Crestron Automation: Installed to allow managers to effortlessly control this complex AV system both from a hard-wired panel in the AV rack room as well as through their personal, wireless iDevices.

The Impact:

The client was estatic with their top-of-the-line AV system upgrade from Crunchy Tech. They gained 8 private conference rooms each with their own in-room AV system, and 4 banquet halls that could be combined into one large space or used independently. We were able to design, implement, program and commission a common area wide system which resulted in an approved status to become a Marriott property.



Increase in efficiency and gaining approval status with Marriott for the system due to increase capabilities.