• Digital Signage
  • Malls & Retail
  • Billboards & Advertisements

Crunchy’s permanent LED Walls will forever change the way you reach customers. Outdoor LED walls allow unmatched flexibility of the messages and ideas you display. Billboards don’t have to be static – implement different displays at different times, and introduce a new level of targeting to your campaigns. Remotely control and manage your content quickly and easily, and truly maximize the impact of digital signage.

  • Rallies & Sporting Events
  • Concerts & Festivals
  • Outdoor Conventions

Change customer experience at your event with our easy-install temporary LED Wall displays. Reach large audiences through high-contrast, crisp LED panels. Fine pixel pitch means that even close up customers will see a high-resolution, seamless display. And don’t worry about stage lighting or sunlight – our LED panels always shine bright.

Outdoor LED Tiles Created By Crunchy Tech in Orlando, FL

Our Outdoor LED tiles offer class leading specs while keeping maintenance easy and protecting against the elements. This gives you consistent performance come rain or shine. High-impact outdoor LED display walls are temperature, weather, and dust resistant. High brightness ensures our LED tiles produce vibrant visuals even in direct sunlight.

Indoor LED Tiles Created By Crunchy Tech in Orlando, FL

LED Walls provide the sort of high-impact visuals that will transform your business environment. Our Indoor LED Walls will engage customers, increase their length of stay, and increase customer retention. Enhance brand recognition exponentially with your target audience. We build any size and shape display to fit your needs.

  • PITCH: Clearer, sharper HD images from any distance

  • BRIGHTNESS: Generate perfect pictures even in direct sunlight

  • REFRESH RATE: Minimize interference from outside light sources

  • BLACK BASED LEDs: Obtain higher contgrast ratios with true blacks

  • IP65 RESISTANCE: Dust-tight and protected against the heaviest rain

  • High-Resolution 6mm Pitch

  • Up to 8500nits Brightness

  • 1000Hz Refresh Rate

  • IP65 Water Resistance

  • Black Based LEDs