Stimulate the imagination and dazzle the senses through the highest quality hardware, software and content systems. Crunchy can design your video wall to fit your business needs. Our ultra slim bezels provide picture and video that is spread seamlessly across the screens to produce a clear and uniform display. Crunchy has years of experience providing rentals and services to clients at the Las Vegas convention center.

With portrait or landscape displays, multi-level tiles and arrangements of all shapes and sizes across almost any number of monitors, a multitude of looks can be achieved. Video walls can also be enhanced with custom audio and high performance speakers to give life to your display.

One of our greatest advantages is the ability to manage your content remotely without having to step into the work place. Display single or multiple streams at once, and utilize smart scheduling to ensure that the necessary content is shown at vital times.

Unlike other video wall providers, Crunchy supports the installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting process. Our remote support creates a cost and time-effective solution to all of your media needs. Our 24/7 video wall support includes on-site technicians, real-time data monitoring, remote support, & flexible working hours.

Custom Video Wall Software

  • Display Content Simultaneously

    Simultaneously display content from multiple sources onto any combination of screens. Stream video, images, and audio from the web or your company's network systems. Run applications or websites directly on your screens.

  • Easy Integration

    Custom Video Wall software from Crunchy Tech can easily integrate into existing content management systems and the remote control ability allows you to make updates on the fly. Dynamically control multiple video walls with one remote. Our software has low maintenance, predefined user preferences, and minimizes the cost of content management.

  • Engage your target audience

    Increase your marketing efficiency by creating lasting impressions, testing new strategies quickly and easily, and respond quickly to market demands. Custom Video Wall Software from Crunchy Tech is the best way to engage customers with dynamic and personable content.

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