8 Tips For Using Digital Signage At Trade Shows

The sheer size of conventions today can be overwhelming; attendees are often caught wandering aimlessly through all of the displays, booths, and sales teams. Digital signage is not only a great way to make a trade show booth stand out from the crowd – digital signage gives your company the opportunity to utilize video and audio to get your message across to a larger audience and continue the conversation longer with convention attendees.

Create an appealing space at your trade show

1. Create an appealing space

Digital signage has the ability to add a significant ambiance to your trade show booth and attract potential customers through pure aesthetics. Utilizing signage with high definition, appealing video and images can create just the right atmosphere that will draw in your intended audience.

Use audio to draw attention to your booth

2. Use audio to draw attention

Adding music or audio to your digital signage display is absolutely a must. Not only does music attract attention, it allows you to target a certain demographic of customers that you want to be drawn into your booth. Of course, all music played must be licensed to play in a public place, so be sure that your digital signage provider has the proper licenses in place before integrating audio into your space. With your own custom music playlist, you don’t have to be the trade show DJ to influence the crowd’s vibes… Although hiring a DJ for your booth is certainly an option!

Provide Product Demonstrations

3. Display content that will attract your target market

Digital signage is a great tool to streamline your message and get your value proposition out to the right market. Video and audio help your company break through the clutter and attract exactly the target market that you know have an interest in your product. Customizing your content is the most important tool when it comes to converting customer awareness and interest into the decision and action phase of the sales process. If your content does not reach out to the right market, your trade show return on investment is going to be significantly less than projected.

Provide Product Demonstrations

4. Provide product demonstrations

Digital media at trade shows gives your company the opportunity to show customers what your product or service can do without actually having to physically demonstrate its capabilities. Streaming video tutorials and testimonials of your product or service is a great way to demonstrate your company’s abilities and allow customers to really see what your company can do.

Make your signage interactive

5. Make your signage interactive

Properly implemented touch screens can increase time spent at a trade show booth significantly. Interactive signage gives potential customers the ability to actively seek and find information without even talking to a sales person. In a way, touch screens can serve as in-bound marketing for potential customers that are more hands-on learners and want to learn about your products or services quickly and efficiently. For this reason, having the perfect content loaded onto your touch screen is crucial, whether as a webpage, an app, or other program. The key to successful touch signage is quality information combined with easy and effortless access. Similar to optimizing your information for web, it is important to optimize your content for interactive signage; if customers do not find the information they are looking for quickly, they will leave.

Integrate Social Media

6. Integrate social media

Digital signage offers great opportunities to secure lead information through promotions and giveaways driven by social media. Social media, especially Facebook, is a great tool for collecting potential customer’s demographic and psychographic information. Take advantage of these important communication channels through your digital signage. By incentivizing your booth visitors to like your company on Facebook, follow you on Twitter, or interact with your brand on other social media platforms, you are not only gaining significant market research information, but also create a long term relationship with that customer through an increasingly prevalent channel of communication. Also be sure to post relevant information after the convention that will attract these customers to re-visit your page and make a purchase.

Showcase Testimonials

7. Showcase testimonials

The right testimonial can be crucial to gaining or losing a sale. Digital signage allows you to feature limitless testimonials and gives conference attendees the ability to actively flip, peruse and search through all of the amazing things that your company has done. Your work speaks for itself – digital signage just makes its message louder, larger, and more distinct.

Be Creative

8. Be creative!

Digital signage gives your company the opportunity to show its creative side: whether that’s your latest commercial, billboard, or even just your newest product brochure. Great signage brings in marketing’s creativity to make your booth intriguing and appealing. Don’t be afraid to show off your creativity!

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