Bigger Than The iPad Pro

Padzilla is the world’s largest iPad Accessory.

  • Fully Functioning iPhone/iPad/iOS Device

    With a fully functioning home button, volume controls, multiple touchpoints, and camera, your Padzilla will look, feel, and work exactly like a giant iPhone or giant iPad.

  • Access over 1,000,000+ Apps

    Because Padzilla is a fully functioning Giant iPad, Giant iPhone, or Giant Android, you have access to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and can download any app that is available. If you're building your own app, simply load it onto Padzilla's iPhone or iPad device through iTunes or TestFlight and you're up and running.

  • Supersize your iOS Experience

    Padzilla can become an interactive table, be mounted in your lobby, stand at your trade show with a traveling mount, or can mount to a wall. Here at the Crunchy Tech offices, we use Padzilla as our Conference Room TV! Switching out of Padzilla and using OSX for AirPlay is a breeze.


Fully functioning iOS device

Padzilla Lite looks and functions exactly like a giant iPhone! With it’s fully functioning home button, volume control, front-facing camera, and familiar iOS operating system, anyone can use a Padzilla.

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For fully custom solutions

The Padzilla Hardware / Software package is a perfect fit for large touch screen displays! Turn any Large Screen Display into a Padzilla giant iPhone / giant iPad, Giant iOS device, Giant OSX device, or Giant Windows 10 device.

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