4 Challenges of Restaurant & Bar AV – And How to Fix Them

Get the Right Solutions in Your Commercial AV Installation

It’s not just the food and drinks that matter at a bar or restaurant—atmosphere plays a crucial role as well. And what can influence the atmosphere more than the sights and sounds of AV? 

A high-quality, easy-to-navigate AV system is key to setting the mood in any restaurant, coffee shop, or bar. To help, we’ve rounded up four common audio-video issues we see here in Miami, FL. Here’s how a commercial AV installation can solve them. 

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Challenge 1: Customers Can’t See or Hear the Entertainment

When installing an AV system, we strategically position high-definition video displays throughout venues to ensure that every customer enjoys a front-row seat to the action. If you have walls of TVs, video tiling controls allow you to display multiple channels or sources at once. Another option is LED video walls, which can cover an entire wall with 4K video. 

As for audio, a multi-room sound system will deliver clear, robust sound to every seating area. Speakers are positioned so there aren’t any ‘dead zones’ where the audio drops off. We can even provide audio controls for specific booth and bar areas so that patrons can decide if they want audio in the background or front and center. 

Challenge 2: We Need to Announce Orders Over the Music

From seafood stands to pizza shops, trivia nights to banquet events, all types of businesses need PA systems. You don’t want to ask your staff to yell over the music, “Order for Lisa is ready!”  

To achieve this, you need a PA system in place that integrates with your building-wide speaker system. Your AV installer can adjust sound levels and implement a control system that makes it easy to start and stop announcements. The PA system should be heard clearly wherever necessary, even in bathrooms and outdoor areas. 

Challenge 3: Audio Is Uneven or Too Loud Across Building

When it comes to audio, you need to strike the right balance between fun and overbearing. A sports bar that’s excessively loud can quickly deter potential customers, leaving them to seek a more comfortable spot elsewhere. Finding that sweet spot is key.

Acoustic treatments and strategically angled speakers maintain a comfortable sound level in your bar or restaurant. With a distributed audio system, you won’t have to crank the volume on one or two speakers to hear at the far ends of the room. Instead, music or TV audio plays at a reasonable volume across the restaurant. 

Challenge 4: The AV Control System Is Confusing or Lacking

A smart control system like Crestron or QSC consolidates all displays and media sources into one easy-to-use interface. If customers ask if you can put golf on the TV, they’ll appreciate that your servers can do it in seconds. Your staff won’t mind these requests, either, since they’re so easy to accommodate—and everyone will be happier overall. 

Crunchy Tech has been in the restaurant distributed AV business for over ten years. We work with businesses of all kinds across the country. Contact us here if you’d like to learn more about our commercial AV installation services. We look forward to working with you!