4 Essential Features for the Modern Conference Room

Taking Conference Rooms Beyond the In-Person Meeting

Meetings are no longer constrained to the conference room, and presentations are no longer shared on poster or dry-erase boards. With the proliferation of hybrid work and digital workplaces, modern businesses need an efficient and seamless way to share content on video displays and host virtual meetings in person. 

Your company or client may have some conferencing systems in place, but can they handle today’s business needs? Is it easy to share content from different devices? Can they engage in video calls with remote staff? And do the video conferencing systems include the video and audio quality you need? 

If not, Crunchy Tech is here to help. Here’s what conference room solutions we recommend for Houston, TX, companies. 

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1. HD Video Quality

The importance of clear video and audio for a successful meeting can’t be overstated. In larger meeting spaces, we recommend integrating 4K video walls or multiple displays to offer an expansive viewing area for presentations and video conferences. They seamlessly integrate with popular video calling platforms like Zoom or Microsoft Teams, creating a lifelike meeting experience for all participants, whether they’re in the room or remote. 

To further elevate your hybrid meetings, incorporate soundbars and speakers for high-quality audio reproduction. These ensure everyone can hear clearly and contribute to the discussion. Complement these with high-definition cameras capable of capturing your team with razor-sharp clarity. With this setup, you’re not just communicating; you’re breaking down geographical barriers and fostering deeper connections in your team.

2. Wireless Screen & Content Sharing

Imagine a world where you walk into the conference room, and within seconds, your presentation is up and running without the hassle of dealing with messy cables and adaptors. This is what wireless content sharing can deliver. It simplifies the process of holding meetings by allowing anyone to share content from their own devices—such as laptops, tablets, or even smartphones—directly onto the meeting room’s display. 

A great example of this technology is the Crestron AirMedia solution, which supports hassle-free, wireless presentation from any device, whether it’s a Mac or PC. Staff will enjoy the flexibility wireless sharing provides, and you’ll find your staff saving valuable time each meeting. 

3. Cloud-Based Whiteboards

Digital whiteboards never quite caught on in the business meeting, as the technology was often more complicated to use than it was worth. But that’s all changing with the cloud. Rather than use an independent whiteboard software that’s separate from the systems you already use, your business can enjoy whiteboard features within your existing platforms, like Zoom, Teams, and Google Business Suite. 

Across tablets, computers, and smartphones, in-person and remote staff can write, sketch, and scribble on virtual whiteboards that automatically save to the cloud. If you’re a little old-fashioned and would rather use markers, a whiteboard camera automatically captures your brainstorming sessions, digitizes them, and saves them to the cloud system.

4. An All-in-One System

While each of these solutions is helpful on its own, they’re best experienced when integrated into one consolidated control system. Through one display, you should be able to control web cameras, microphones, displays, speakers, and lighting with one command. 

At Crunchy Tech, we install complete conferencing systems that capture your team’s voices and faces with enhanced display visibility. Whether you need multiple 4K displays, auditorium sound systems, or auto-tracking cameras, we have the solutions you need for better hybrid meetings. 
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