Alloy Digital Padzilla At Cobra Starship Party


Last week in New York, Padzilla was used to debut upcoming digital content at a “NewFront” party by industry leader Alloy Digital!

Rounding out a busy day of NewFronts, Alloy Digital threw rocking party at Arena that featured a high-tech digital ambiance, a live performance by Cobra Starship, and the debut of the “Padzilla,” a giant smartphone screen that features all of Alloy Digital’s current and future programming and family of websites. The app-based, life-size screen enables party attendees to interact with Alloy content like they would on their regular smartphones or tablets within the protective barrier of an overhead sound dome.

Alloy’s NewFront announcements included the recent purchase of studio management firm Generate that will focus on producing content for Alloy-owned online brands. “The key to the NewFronts is that it is incumbent upon the digital industry to introduce a scarce product,” Matthew Diamond, CEO of Alloy Digital, said. “We have to create uniqueness. The success of the NewFronts is contingent upon digital maintaining the same sense of scarcity, uniqueness, and value as the UpFronts, otherwise there is no value for advertisers.”