The differences between G5, G6, and G7 touch overlays

video display screen overlay models

Available models are PQ Labs G5, G6, and G7. What are the differences between the models?

First, lets start with what is common between all of the models.

All of the overlays are multi-touch and powered by a single USB and do not require an external power source. All models also work with Windows, Mac, and Linux. This can be plug and play but for advanced features, a driver is required.

Whats different:

G5 touch overlays are the most cost effective model and work for most standard applications quickly and easily.

G6 touch overlays look and feel similar but are better suited to very fine granular touch applications like if you were drawing very detailed pictures or art work. This model is required if you would like to use a pen, stylus or want the pressure sensitivity feature.

G7 touch overlays look different than their previous counterparts. Their depth from the front of the metal frame to the start of the glass is much smaller (about the thickness of a quarter). They also come as a full frame that goes around the sides of your display like a box to give your touchscreen a more finished look.

g7 flat border