Creating Enhanced Classrooms for a Hybrid Learning Approach

Education. The foundation of our society and something that is, all too often, taken for granted. But since the outbreak of the pandemic in 2020, education is back in the spotlight. Schools, universities, and businesses are now facing a logistical roadblock to learning.

When education is taken away, it’s integral function becomes even more obvious. But these roadblocks do not spell disaster. They are merely obstacles to education as we know it. For education to carry on as normal, educational practices are being forced into metamorphosis.

Hybrid learning promotes a flexible approach to learning that places in-person instruction side-by-side with remote learning. And this is no temporary fix. Hybrid learning has the potential to create enhanced classrooms that improve global access to education.

A ‘Better Than New’ Normal

Digital transformation for education is about much more than Covid-19. The virus has acted as a catalyst for what was an already imminent shift towards remote-based flexibility across the workplace and educational institutions alike.

In fact, hybrid learning environments boast many advantages over traditional learning environments.

Responsive Teaching

Hybrid learning makes it easier to differentiate learning materials and instructions. Students tend to benefit from different learning styles and will sometimes require alternative resources. Hybrid teaching makes it easy to personalize teaching materials on a 1-1 basis.

Access to Learning

Hybrid teaching expands access to learning. It transcends any physical location. That makes it easier for those living far away from the office or campus, those with care responsibilities, or those who would otherwise be unable to afford in-person learning opportunities.

Engagement & productivity

Research has shown that hybrid learning results in higher engagement. Educators can better tailor learning materials to their students. Students feel in control of their learning and are far less likely to miss out on core material since it’s always available online.

Hybrid learning is proven to be highly effective. It has been reported that a mammoth 92% of employees would consider staying on longer with a company that invests in its learning and development. Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) are experiencing surging popularity with a projected 29% annual growth between 2020 and 2025.

So, what is the key to this educational utopia?

Technology is the Essential Ingredient

For hybrid-learning to become mainstream, businesses and institutions require appropriate infrastructures along with technology that facilitates continuity of relationships, clear communication, and flexible provisions for simultaneous in-person and remote-attendee interactions.

From teaching students to training employees, the effective facilitation of hybrid learning requires custom AV solutions. As audio-visual integrators, designers, and installers, we are constantly enhancing educational technologies to support effective learning.

One educational setting where AV has really come into its own in recent years is STEM. STEM has a lot to benefit from audio-visual integration. From mobile and online learning to gamification, and fully immersive learning environments.

Audio-visual technology facilitates high-resolution digital displays for remote, lecture-style, classroom setups in varied configurations. More and more universities and institutions are now adapting their spaces around AV technology.

Essential AV Tools for Hybrid Learning

As demand for hybrid learning environments soars, AV integrators now have the opportunity to produce and implement exceptional audiovisual tools fit for purpose.

Crunchy Tech is doing just this. We’re paving the way for hybrid classrooms, lecture theaters, and conference centers of the future with state of the art matrix systems.

Custom conference room solutions make up the building blocks of hybrid learning environments. Our audio-visual consultants create fully bespoke, enhanced classrooms.

With audio-visual system upgrades booming, both classrooms and conference rooms are set to look a bit more like this:

  • Distributed live audio and high-resolution projection
  • Automated and single touch control systems for easy media management
  • Meeting room automation
  • State-of-the-art presentation systems
  • Collaborative communication systems
  • Extensive proprietary system integrations
  • Professional audio-visual designs

The Future of Learning

With AV solutions, new and pre-existing spaces can be custom fit with hybrid learning solutions. We’re proud to be part of this worldwide classroom transformation that looks to give education a very bright future indeed.

Covid-19 might have been the catalyst for digital transformation, but hybrid learning transcends this immediate necessity. With advanced AV technology, we can give more people access to tailored learning programs than ever before. We would love to design and implement your idea for a hybrid learning space so please fill out our contact form below to get started.