The 40″ and 55″ Giant iPhone has become a fantastic addition to our medical exam rooms and clinic spaces at the White House and President’s Hospital. Our patients and providers have been amazed at the endless uses of this product– telemedicine, patient education, emergency medical planning, etc… The quality of the anatomy images from the Visible Body Atlas is incredible! Amazing and innovative technology!

James J. Jones, PhD, PA-C

Director, Medical Evaluation & Treatment Unit
PA/Physician to the President of the United States

Crunchy Logistics was instrumental in making our event a success. We were looking for a high impact way to demonstrate a new iPad app to our customers at our major trade show. Our creative brainstorming led us to the idea of demonstrating the app on a “bigger than life” iPad. We thought that such a device would draw people into our booth and immediately engage them with its size. Moreover, we really wanted the screen of the device to perform like a real iPad so that customers could try the app out themselves out using the large display.

What began as just an idea was made a reality when we found Crunchy Logistics. We searched far and wide for an ultra large display with a working touchscreen that could handle an iPad app. The “Padzilla” display Crunchy Logistics offered exceeded our expectations and was the only thing of its kind on the market. Its iPad-like look, its working home button and camera, and the speedy display made a great impact.

Padzilla arrived at the convention center in advance of when we expected it giving us the added confidence of having Padzilla up and running early. And the on-site technical support provided by Crunchy’s technician was outstanding from set up to tear down. When the convention center network gave us problems, the Crunchy technician produced a network card that allowed us to stay on line and keep impressing our customers without a hitch.

It’s great knowing that we’ve got a bunch of innovative guys at Crunchy Logistics that we can tap into should we ever come up with such crazy ideas again.


Barry Jereb

Manager, Rockwell Automation Product Selection Tools & Techhnologies

You pulled off a flawless and impressive event. You and your team are amazing. I thank you and your team from the bottom of my heart for everything that you have done to make National Council of Presidents a success and for all the times that you supported our organization over the past year. You have become a part of our Florida Hospital family that we can trust and rely on. We are so blessed to be able to work with you and your team.


Ann Corniel

Operations Manager of Florida Hospital

Thanks to you and your team for your generosity to provide Padzilla for our opening. It was a hit and helped people to navigate through the website and curriculum. We had a great response from the community – the event was highly appreciated. You’re a great partner with Florida Hospital and this project will make a difference in Children’s Health. I am pleased to hear how your business is expanding. We love to see the success of good people.

Des Cummings

Vice President of Florida Hospital

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