Dynamic Content & Digital Signage

Distributed AV and digital signage allow you to convey clear and concise information to your audience in multiple formats, but no two venues are alike. That’s why Crunchy Tech utilizes techniques like zone-by-zone equalization of audio, microphone ducking, automatic gain control, and zone volume muting to provide the best experience for your guests/employees.

  • Hospitality

    Crunchy Tech has worked with a number of high-end hotels and restaurants, creating stunning visuals for organizations. Scalable from 1080p to 4k, and with HDBaseT, HD over IP, and HD over coaxial input types, digital signage helps to create an atmosphere like no other to enhance your customers’ experience.

  • Corporate Offices

    Dynamic content and distributed AV systems not only elevate corporate branding, but also help to display important announcements to employees, visitors, and business partners. Design packets include floor plans, elevations, flow diagrams, power and heat loads, and rack elevations.

  • Education

    Schools, colleges, and universities have endless amounts of information to communicate to students. In addition, digital signage is required as modern classrooms and auditoriums expand to include more students – both in person and remote. Control and update presentations, video walls, and projectors all from one interface.

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  • 1 Year of Standard Support

    We offer 1 year of free remote support for any system that we have installed.

  • 24/7 Remote Support

    We offer multiple Service Level Agreements that can be contracted, including an option to have 24/7 support.

  • 3 Levels of Service

    We offer 3 levels of on-site response: 24-hour, 12-hour, and as fast as 4-hour response time.




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