Can My Business Benefit From Outdoor Digital Signage?

Discover What’s Possible with This Innovative Messaging Tool!

Imagine making a visual impression on your visitors before they ever step foot inside your business. Outdoor digital signage and video walls are excellent opportunities to draw the eye of potential customers, enhance employee and patron engagement, and spread perfectly curated brand messaging. High-end displays are built with weather-resistant materials that can endure the sun, wind, and rain we see so often in Jacksonville, FL, and the surrounding areas!

If you’re ready to entice and engage your stakeholders in an exciting way, read along below to learn more about digital signage solutions that are fit for the great outdoors!

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What Is Digital Signage?

There’s no need to contact an advertising company for a billboard or newspaper ad anymore when you’re in charge of your brand messaging. Digital signage solutions are perfect for outdoor spaces along busy roadways, entries, stadiums, K-12 and college campuses, and other heavily-attended areas where you want to share consistent, curated information with your target audience.

Inside, they’re perfect for helping visitors navigate their way through maze-like convention centers, sharing important office messaging in the corporate world, and making jaws drop with stunning and large artistic setups. Let your imagination guide you and allow Crunchy Tech to make your messaging ideas a reality with high-end visual displays.

Common Digital Signage Myths

To ensure your business and employees are thriving and reaching goals, boosting productivity should be a priority. Sound masking can improve your team’s performance by reducing distractions and creating a more comfortable working environment. With our technology, the microwave beeping in the break room or coworkers tip-tapping on their keyboards won’t make anyone lose focus anymore!

In addition, sound masking can reduce the stark auditory contrast between periods of silence and sudden loud noises. This creates a more comfortable and relaxed workplace for everyone, from the C-suite to the reception area.

There are a few misconceptions out there about digital signage, and we’re here to clarify things. Here’s what digital signage isn’t:

Myth #1: It’s a one-size-fits-all solution.

While large and small businesses and B2B and B2C companies can all benefit from adding stunning visual displays, not every application is the same. Size, content, and settings are customizable to suit your unique business goals, so there’s no need to worry that the signage will be too large for your space, irrelevant to your mission, or not applicable if you don’t have client-facing installations. 

Instead, think about digital signage as a personalized messaging tool you can use as you’d like, changing content and purpose as needed throughout the years with an intuitive management dashboard on the backend. It’ll look great for employees, clients, vendors, and customers alike, plus the system can evolve with your business as your goals and needs change over time.

Myth #2: It’s too expensive.

Think about how much time and energy go into printing paper signage, updating posters, sending memos and emails, adding wayfinding signs, and removing and replacing these things as they become outdated or worn out. It’s practically a full-time job if you want to stay on top of sharing the latest information with those who matter. 

Instead, digital signage combines the magic of technology with information sharing, wayfinding, emergency notifications, and more! Updates are made in a fraction of the time and cost than ever before, and you can designate one person, a team, or yourself to handle updates. Schedule changes in advance, switch from displaying staff updates to stunning videos and remain in control of the messaging you want to share with your intended audiences.

Are you ready to drive engagement and your objectives in a brand-new way? Connect with Crunchy Tech today to start a conversation about your technology needs. We can’t wait to hear from you!