Redefining Outdoor Engagement: Crunchy Tech Video Displays

Why Crunchy Tech’s Outdoor Digital Signage Is the Ultimate Solution for Businesses 

Outdoor signage is no longer just about displaying a message; it’s about creating immersive experiences. From bustling city squares to major sporting events, outdoor video walls are becoming a staple across the country. 

With state-of-the-art technology, our video walls offer unparalleled clarity, adaptability, and resilience. Whether it’s for advertising, live broadcasts, or interactive content, Crunchy Tech displays are transforming outdoor spaces, engaging audiences, and delivering ROI. According to Statista, the digital signage market is expected to grow to $31.71 billion by 2025, highlighting the increasing demand and potential of this medium.

Read on to learn how your business can benefit from outdoor video wall displays and understand how the technology works. 

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Explore the Video Wall Possibilities

How do video walls work? At their cores, video walls are assembled with modular microLED panels, creating one large, cohesive display. The result will be a seamless, smooth screen without any visible bezels or lines. 

The modularity of video walls means we can make it as big as you want and in any shape. Do you want the video signage to curve around a building? Create a perfect square or narrow rectangle? We can make that happen. You don’t need to be in Times Square to bring such custom display solutions to your outdoor space. 

Crunchy Tech uses only the most durable display technology so that it can stay mounted outside year-round without any effect from the temperature or weather. If you live in an area prone to inclement weather, we can install industrial-strength mounting brackets to ensure your video wall is safe and secure. 

And what will you use the outdoor video wall for? Consider the following possibilities. 

Performances & Events 

If your organization hosts outdoor festivals, expos, musical performances, or even religious services, outdoor event screens set the scene as a high-resolution, customizable background. Through your content management system, staff can freely update background visuals to create an engaging experience for all. 

Wayfinding & Information 

People can get lost and confused in large public and commercial spaces, whether it’s a college campus, shopping center, or hospital. Use your outdoor digital signage to display visitor information, maps, directories, ticket information, or even menu items. The bright, sleek screen can’t be missed and signals that your organization is ahead of the curve with tech-savvy solutions. 

And if visitors are repeatedly asking staff the same questions? Imagine a moving display that answers FAQs for your airport, hospital, museum, or other commercial space. Customers will be grateful to find the information they’re looking for, whether it’s wait times, return policies, or burrito ingredients. Some visitors may even decide to act or make a purchase thanks solely to the information provided on the display. 

Eye-Catching Advertising

Are you hosting special events every Tuesday? Is there an exhibit only here for the season? Outdoor video walls let people know so they can sign up or purchase while they can. The can’t-miss-it nature of outdoor video signage ensures your message is heard and establishes outdoor brand visibility. Even if someone’s just driving by your business, they’ll notice your dynamic outdoor advertising. 

Plus, updating a digital sign is vastly easier than ordering and printing physical signage whenever you have a special event! 

Creating an Atmosphere 

Not all outdoor displays are used to share information. Sometimes, it’s all about creating an ambiance and having some fun. We’ve seen landscape and portrait displays used for scenic video footage, movies, and art installations. See how the Marriott used Crunchy Tech’s displays to play movies, sports, and other videos by the pool—leading to a 40 percent increase in pool deck bar sales! 

Building the Video Wall 

You have your idea—now let’s get to work on building the outdoor display. Constructing a video wall involves the following components: 

– High-definition LED video wall panels

– Mounting brackets

– Power cables

– Data cables

– LED video processor 

Once the wall is assembled, we map the layout of the signage through the video processor. Would you like to display different content simultaneously or create one large visual? This is where we direct how content should be displayed. 

In outdoor installations, we’ll typically incorporate ambient light sensors that adjust the display’s brightness depending on the time of day. While the sun is shining, the screen will be set to full brightness. After the sun sets, the brightness will lower to be more comfortable for the eyes. 

A common obstacle to installing outdoor video displays is connecting them to the video processor. Sometimes, the processor can be up to a mile away inside a control room. This can typically be done with an existing fiber infrastructure. 

Updating Content On Your End

No matter how great a video wall looks, it must also be convenient for your business to use. In the past, updating content on multiple displays was a time-consuming process, involving climbing up a ladder and plugging in content directly. 

Today, we can integrate your video processor with a cloud-based content management system (CMS) that your staff can access remotely. From any computer, you can change the outdoor signage across multiple locations, and new content will update instantly. 

Keep All Displays Running Smoothly

Have you ever visited a shopping center or commercial space and seen an “error’ message on digital signage? Where there should have been a poster or menu is instead a malfunctioning computer screen. There’s something off-putting about such glitches in a professional environment, and it may send the wrong message to customers. 

Crunchy Tech’s AV support services ensure this won’t happen to your outdoor video displays. In the event of technical difficulties, Crunch Tech’s technicians will be alerted of the error and will immediately troubleshoot, minimizing any downtime for your business. 

Whether it’s resolving software errors or fine-tuning the screen’s display settings, our remote support services will save tremendous time and effort for your facility managers. You can rest assured the video walls are consistently delivering high-definition visuals and your organization’s message. 

Get Started with Crunchy Tech’s Outdoor Displays

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